Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Little Things-Tumbling down with fun!

Credits to TP GIG!(:

Hello!Hello! Can't believe we're finally reaching the last week of May. Another chaotic week with tons of happenings all around.

Really very annoyed and frustrated with my CDS tutor, always making me late for next class, I really hope next week will be on time:/ If not...desperate times calls for desperate measures. Beginning to lose interest already.Sigh.

Sold ice cream again on Wed, hehes it was fun and after that for project work. Hopefully all projects get an awesome grade!

Thursday went to 18Chefs again, its was hilarious and a tad guilty cos I said something I shouldn't. Hehes, it was fun though^^

Friday went for GIG AGM, reached early so decided to play around with my laptop webcam, hahas people would think we are crazy posing all those funny weird actions,lol.

Had a nice refreshment after that with Eclairs~ Yums!(:

Spent my weekend catching up with homework and projects and tests again, really worry and stress for those projects and upcoming ones plus MST is just next week! Must try to cope with all these and get everything done asap so there's time for some shopping and play time. One thing though, I really suck at multitasking...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Little Things-Food, Surprise, LASplash Workshop!

School had officially taken over my life, been really busy catching up with school projects, homework and some time for spending with myself during weekends! Really wish weekends would pass slower:/

Anyway last week was really really insane!I was out for many school days from morning till night. Of course was reaching my maximum tired stage plus worrying about this and that. Just wonder how did I survived all of it seriously? Hahas.

Let start with my Wed, offered to help in selling ice-cream at school from morning till early afternoon, it was fun and managed to sold of 1 box of ice-cream. Bought 2 to share with YX, honeycomb and strawberry flavours!YUMS~
Especially fantastic for such warm weather!

After that went off to find SY at Bugis to search for Kel's birthday presents. Before that went for a late lunch at NYDC. Really gorgeous restaurant, ordered their lunch set meal, chicken soup is so thick and creamy and tasty! But salad really unable to finish cos the raw taste of mushroom and the smell turns me off,heh ;s

Baked rice with bacon strips, fresh corns with cheese and a tad of mayo taste wonderful but after eating like 3/4 of it, kinda can't take the taste.Too much of a good thing,hahas.
After lunch went on to search for prezzies, saw tons of nice clothing/bags really got the urge to buy off everything!!But self-control, must remember. Hope Kel like them!^^

Oh yeah, met up with YX too for dinner and after 'wrapping' the prezzies, impromptu idea to go surprise Kel on her birthday with the prezzies!We're like a trio maniac trying to race against time to get to Kel's home ASAP with the help of Kel's sister. Freaking excited and happy!

It was getting really late like going 9pm, but we managed to surprised her and boy was she shocked!LOL.
BEST PLAN EVER!Though feel bad for disturbing her family late at night. Glad she was shocked,reaction was priceless~

Thursday's main highlight was during Sociology class, the group gotta do a role play and the guy's voice was like whoa, can sing really well and everyone was having so much fun in class,it was nice(:

Here comes Friday, technically no lessons cos its CCN Day, our class was selling flowers, swarm with people everywhere, weather was really hot and for my part/shift able to sell off quite a few:( Really not good with talking to people,loudly, fluently nor happily.Sigh. But managed to earn a bit of profit so YAY!^^

After that went off to meet the rest of my dear girls at NEX, sat in Mac for a long time talking about gory and horror movies. My goosebumps are coming out just thinking of it. Waited for the rest to arrive and head to Siam Kitchen for dinner!

Ordered lime rose drink, tasted good!~

Chatted awhile and went home, at this point I could literally fall asleep anywhere.LOL.

On Saturday went for a workshop held by LASplash Cosmetics, difficult to find the place and when I reached, I was the only 1 there...and for the past 2 hours. So had 3 ladies to show me what its all about.

Am very fascinated by the cosmetics especially the versatile uses of glitters for eyes/nails/body. Finding the suitable mineral powder which works like wonders!!So gonna get it soon!No testing on animals either plus quality is awesome which I think could really compare to high-end brands!

Tried on their makeup products and there's even a mascara that had LED lights in the brush holder corners, I'm like mind blown. Tried that too and that's really convenient if wanna touch up but the place is dark, there's a mirror attached to the product cover too, insanely too good!

Do try out if any girls out there are interested!

LASplash cosmetics are available at SASA and Guardian's!(:
Just my opinions after going for my 1st ever makeup workshop and the results of the pretty makeup products used! I think it looks really good, hehes and a little door gift from them! Really thankful able to attend this workshop!(:

Have a good week ahead!~

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Little Things- 18 Chefs, Getting warm.

I'm glad school had been fine for now, just hoping all projects would be done well and getting better grades for all the subjects. Time's running out soon,most deadlines are by end of this month.

Anyway, meet up with JFS for a short lunch on thursday at 18 Chefs, first time eating there and the food are seriously not bad with wide variety of toppings and sauces to choose from^^

Friday was really a special day to spent with my fave idol, had so much fun and so heart warming. Really wish time just stop right there. Hahas, I think I need awhile to get over the fact that its over and quickly get my head back into studies. Hope there will be more fan meetings and concert in the future:D

Celebrating Mother's Day in advance for Grandma, food were always so so yummy as usual(:

Have a great week!~

Saturday, May 05, 2012

KIM HYUN JOONG Fan Meet 2012!

The long-awaited day had come and gone. Another strike off my things-to-do-before-i-die list.Heh.

Quality of the photos are not very good, as I was sitting extremely far from Hyun Joong, hope fans who are reading this do enjoy it!Kinda risky also to take the photos cos it's not allowed, but here it is anyway, didn't put all the photos up cos there's really a lot and most are quite blurry.

Anyway so after my last lesson ended early around 5pm+, went to meet with YX and trained down to Singapore Indoor Stadium. Luckily we reached there quite early, redeemed our t-shirt and badge that Hyun Joong specially designed for his fans (pictures at the end)!We're so over the moon and gushing,hahas.

A fellow fan also give us each a paper crane to give to Hyun Joong later at the high-five/handshake session.Thank you!(:

Loving the banners and since the concert was not really a sold out, we get to see him so much nearer compared to the balcony spots, so really am grateful to the organizers so everyone could see so much better!

Hyun Joong performed 15 songs in total, so this is just a few shots at the beginning, he showed us some clips of introducing the concert with a galaxy sort of feeling, a clip of what he will do for his girlfriend which is the huge bear acting as his girlfriend which was pretty hilarious and dedicated the song he sang later to the lucky fan who also gotten the huge bear.Envy yes?:/ Hahas.

A little short interview with Hyun Joong and we called him Hyun Joong na~ to get him to come out, so so excited and fun!^^

There's also another segment for 5 lucky fans to get to play games with him, the first to get eliminated became  the luckiest girl as he serenaded a song for her, presenting her with a bouquet of roses and a pretty photo. Poses he done was so funny,everyone had a awesome time and tricked us into believing he kiss the hand of the fan behind a sheet, hahas.

Crazy dance moves he could do and thought it ended with a very sad atmosphere, again tricked us and we all shouted for encores. He definitely didn't disappoint us with his performance and make the whole concert really cosy  like we are all one big happy family.Feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Hehes!

Overall really thoroughly enjoyed so much that I wish this just go on forever and ever. Splendid experience and felt his sincerity towards all of us:')
I swear those who are going for his fan meeting definitely would love it too!
So came the high-five/handshake sessions, we were the last so it really took awhile to get up close to him. Never fail to smile and say thank you to each and every fan..hands-down he is one of the best artiste I've ever met and really just so touching.

There was 2 elderly on wheelchairs that came for his fan meet and he went to hand shake plus hug them. It's was a pleasant sight to see and one of the elder woman was so enthusiastic and too cute to resist.Hahas.

Total unexpected experience and really had a wonderful time with him and YX, screaming and clapping and moving. Though the hand shake with him lasted less than 3 seconds, it was all worth it.His hand was really soft and warm and big,compared to my small and cold hand,hahas. Will never forget the feeling,too blissful and so infatuated i could hardly sleep long even though it ended. Reliving the memories in mind over and over again. It's normal I guess? :/

Forever and always supporting Kim Hyun Joong!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Here's a short clip I've recorded of him singing I'm Your Man, sorry for the poor quality!

Hope he rest well and have fun for the rest of the tour and come back to Singapore soon!:D