Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Little Things-Tumbling down with fun!

Credits to TP GIG!(:

Hello!Hello! Can't believe we're finally reaching the last week of May. Another chaotic week with tons of happenings all around.

Really very annoyed and frustrated with my CDS tutor, always making me late for next class, I really hope next week will be on time:/ If not...desperate times calls for desperate measures. Beginning to lose interest already.Sigh.

Sold ice cream again on Wed, hehes it was fun and after that for project work. Hopefully all projects get an awesome grade!

Thursday went to 18Chefs again, its was hilarious and a tad guilty cos I said something I shouldn't. Hehes, it was fun though^^

Friday went for GIG AGM, reached early so decided to play around with my laptop webcam, hahas people would think we are crazy posing all those funny weird actions,lol.

Had a nice refreshment after that with Eclairs~ Yums!(:

Spent my weekend catching up with homework and projects and tests again, really worry and stress for those projects and upcoming ones plus MST is just next week! Must try to cope with all these and get everything done asap so there's time for some shopping and play time. One thing though, I really suck at multitasking...

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