Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mid Hopeful Thoughts

Hello! I've been away for...1-2weeks? Finally done with MST, now is looking forward to spending some time with family, friends, computer, books maybe and by myself. Not forgetting those pesky tutorials, proposals, reports and projects to do. That's school life~

Really just first half of the semester gone like that with so much happenings and now its mid year already. Still wonder if world will end in Dec, hahas. Shall wait and see.

Missed penning down my thoughts here...

Anyway I'm glad I am halfway done with this sem, hoping would score well for MST, hasn't be studying really hard but still hoping results would be good. Heh. Also, really thankful for meeting nice classmates and most tutors plus my good old friends once in awhile in school^^

Catching up will all my fave shows-Pretty Little Liars, Jane by Design, ANTM, Fondant Garden, Supermodel Me 3, Yours Fatefully...All are just so nice to watch!!! Can't get enough of it, hehes. Sadly Fondant Garden ended and starting to grow a liking for Park Jung Min and Chuan Yi who started earlier. LOL. Hope to see more of both of them in future too,hee(:

Oh and finally going to Gran's after 1 month of MIA...cause of the schoolwork. Everyone's gonna asked:/

Feels so much to be done, thinking of dreams to accomplished, my future how everything would slowly change to something new, hopefully gets better and I would be really grateful.

I feel so contented and somewhat a bittersweet feeling at the same time. Some good things just never lasts long enough.Sigh.

So many hopes, one last hope for today is tomorrow will get on and be more productive~

Have a great week!:D

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