Friday, June 15, 2012

The Little Things- Maximising Time

This week though not yet ended, had been well spent! Monday a small shopping trip with mom, as usual. Tuesday with YX, another little shopping trip again, hehes and so lovin' the best buy I had gotten-Acid washed & distressed denim high waisted shorts!^^ Still ever in love with high waist shorts~ So many designs and colours and lengths! Gonna get for next year CNY too,hahas.

Went to take a look at Bugis+ (Illuma) shops, definitely more crowded than last time. Went back to Bugis Junction and saw the Twelve Cupcakes shop, see so many pictures of the cupcakes online made me wanna try out too so ordered the salted caramel, tasty and so soft~

Always had a thing for very abstract/cute/unique looking cupcakes. Hope one day could try it baking some:)

The beer cap badges we gotten from donating a little money, pinned on my bag to fend bad guys,hahas.

Stayed home the next day to do individual proposal/essay/assignments. Quite productive but still need some editing to do and catch up with my faves shows. Always lift my moods up^^

Get  together with the usual company, always daydreamed when looking at the scenery. There's just something about it I can't put my finger on. So surreal.

Dinner at Old Airport Rd area, mostly faves food were ordered, heavenly. Tried the Lao Ban beancurd too, seeing so many photos and words about in on Facebook and twitter. Long queue in the evening though, everyone ordered so many at once. Taste really soft and wobbly, like melts when put into my mouth,lol.

Today, Nex with mum to watch movie! So long since we watched one together, caught Snow White, there's a lot of special effects and killings and shouting, story plot is good, rate it 3.5/5. Though I hope Snow White could get together with the huntsman, sorry hopeless for romantic endings:p The Evil Queen is beautiful though.

Bought a few more stuffs and home sweet home. 

Couldn't sleep well again, so bothered by the workload and doubts.Sigh, this worry thing always gets to me, I blamed the genes. Short getaway would be nice. Heh.

Read XiaXue's post on The Secret, seriously inspiring, hope could get the books to read too. No wonder people always say count your blessings. I shall be more thankful for everything I have in life, maybe some good things would happen too. No harm trying yes? ;)

Hope everything goes smooth for you!

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