Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Little Things-Special Day

Poof!So 2 weeks of break is over, had another round of fun week though!(:

Went out with the girls and finally met up with HY after so many months, went to somerset again and spent some money again because always got stop by sales, lol especially in those stores I like to shop in. Hahas, at least went school starts I know I won't be spending for months to come.

Waited for SY as usual, this girl ah always late for meet ups, gonna tricked her next time:p

Thank you HY for the birthday present! I love it!^^

Had a great time with them, laugh so much till my tummy hurts always.LOL.

Went for project meetings for a few days and I finally get down to do small part for the group proposal thing after delaying for 6 days,seriously. Dear brain, please start your engine again, I really need your help.

Anyway on Friday, went to meet up with the usual, lunch at Pepper Lunch, yummy like always then went to Vivo to meet the others^^

Had our dinner once again at Mussel Guys, food is good, just too full to eat all of them, very crowded but pleasant surprise by them, hahas was a bit awkward cos so many people looking but really appreciate their efforts of making it a success for me! Thank you thank you!:')

Anyone notice the candles? Hees, I am younger now~ wooooo!

Always laughing all the time with their company, why are we always coming out with so many funny jokes? Hehes, wished we could stay longer together though but time is not on our side:(
Hope everyone had fun too though!

Thank you to all the lovely people helping me celebrate my birthday and the awesome presents!Hearts to all!!^^

Today also wake up to many sweet messages, feel so blessed and happy and thankful! Hope today will get on well and school will be good to me~

Have a fantastic week!(:

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