Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trying hard,

Hello hello!Another week ended,Everything still stays th same.

Except SS SBQ test & Chinese oral which had totally screwed it upside down and all around,judging my th teacher's look and unable to form complete sentences.Funfair meeting too,still left things undone,and really grateful to K&Y,still feeling guilty over it.Sigh.Really appreciate their gesture((:

Went Compass with mum,borrowed books,searched high and low for JB's latest Album but to no avail,ugh.

3 consecutive tests next week,seriously sucks,think i'm slacking again,everything not up to expectations,keep delaying work,leaving blanks,skipping questions.sigh.Must seriously study for it,hope won't fail anything of it...

ending here!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainbow After a Rain.

Mar Hols had passed,starting of another new term,also means 1 week nearer to Os.Gotta buck up,but just keep procrastinating.Any idea how hard to get away from computer and books to homework?THIS hard.

Fri went for cca and after tht was th outing,raining heavily when reaching th park.Did bonding games and went home,kinda gotten lost.

Sat went out to get my sandals/flats and saw Kelly,heh.Then evening went to cousin's house to celebrate his b'day,like th buffet food.Seeing him so happy reminds me th good ol' days when I celebrated mine in Gran's house.Kids nowadays are really living in happiness.Saw many cute lil kids,really lovely children((:

Read a book that really got me thinking a whole lot,though th storyline is kinda cheesy and stuff,but behind it really lies something that i find it quite true.Maybe tell you another time.

Maths test tmr,hope it will be okay and advanced Happy Birthday to YingXin!(:

another update soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do it well,do it right.

Been going back to school for th past days,cept Tuesday.Homework are never-ending,everyday is a homework day.Left some work untouched yet,gonna start doing later on.

Watched Happy Go Lucky with mum ytd,was quite okay,3/5.Regretted not buying a pair of flats,shall go back another time.

Nothing much going on in my life,just plain boring.Finding i'm doing everything in autopilot mode,doing for th sake of doing,meaningless and uninterested.
Nightmare still haunts me,still finding it hard to believe and can't differentiate if its fake or real.
Think i'm gonna need a reality check.sigh.Luckily last night don't have it again.Getting spooked out alr.

Hope this year things will end right,then everything,burden,load will finally be off my back.Hope th fire will keep on burning till then.

On a brighter note,JustinBieber U SMILE is out!(: Can't wait for th album.Been trying to get attention from him in twitter but to no avail.Gonna try and try,till i give up someday.wonder if i had to catch th right time and type th right thing.nothing seems to work after some tries.So pissed with it.Gonna get it no matter what.Heh!

shall end here!Chemistry lesson tmr and CCA on fri:/

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010


ECLIPSE!Looking forward to it!x333

Finally last day of th term,start of hols!(:
But still have SSP lessons during hols,oh well,all for th good.MacRitchie run ytd,tired out but overall still okay(: Get well soon too SczeYin!
PTM and funfair meeting today,kinda sucks.Nervous like shit,ugh.Sill have more to come,sigh.Sure hope i can buck up harder.

Tons of stuffs and assignments to complete,gonna start doing everything tonight,hopefully could complete most of them.

Out with dearest mommy tmr,gonna borrow books again,heh(;

ending here!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sweet Trip.

So Cute!Love Th Song!(:

Watched Alice In Wonderland with SKY.Awesome 3D,movie was quite ok,rate it 4/5.

After tht went to eat Swensens.Really regretted ordering th meal which burns my tongue,throat and stomach.Add a lot of tomato sauce in and still don't really work.
Forgotten whats th name of th meal called,but ppl if ONLY you know how to eat really spicy food,those with small chillies you can go try,if not DO NOT.Don't end up like me,kept drinking water th whole way through :x

Luckily there's ice-cream to neutralise th spiciness,sweeten my taste buds.Hehh((:

Gonna revise on Chem today,test tmr.X-country run on thu too,hope could survive th 3.6km run.Sigh.Hols coming soon,definitely have a lot of things to do and subjects to catch up on.oh well~
Ending here!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Deadly Little Secret.

Gonna watch Alice In Wonderland in 3D tmr,seriously looking forward to it!:D

Taken back CTs paper,luckily managed to pass every subjects,some even surprised me(:
Tons for homework to do and tests to revise.Weekend is like always filled with homework and stuff,not a day without it.Chemistry topics are really going on slow...still left more than 10 chapters not yet touched,and left 1mth+ till MYE and 7-8mths+ till Os.Have a feeling we will be going faster if there's lil time left.How to pass Chemistry?):

Funfair/Carnival in April,selected to be accountant.Don't understand why teacher chose me,definitely will get clumsy and stuff.Seriously DO NOT want to stand on stage talking to th sch.sigh,but luckily got Carrie with me,else i'm doomed.Meeting next week,ugh.

CCA,gotten news tht we can't step down until Cultural Nite is over which is July.WTF!Dunno wht th hell teachers are thinking,we're taking Os for God's sake,i/we wanna do well for it & it's my/our first and last time can?Bloody heck.Screw them!):

Life's is turning th wrong way seriously,go right will ya?argh,really really can't wait to graduate from this school and this school life,turning my life upside-down,all around and toying with my feelings.seriously.But i really prefer th time when i'm still a little kid with no stress and problems.