Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sweet Trip.

So Cute!Love Th Song!(:

Watched Alice In Wonderland with SKY.Awesome 3D,movie was quite ok,rate it 4/5.

After tht went to eat Swensens.Really regretted ordering th meal which burns my tongue,throat and stomach.Add a lot of tomato sauce in and still don't really work.
Forgotten whats th name of th meal called,but ppl if ONLY you know how to eat really spicy food,those with small chillies you can go try,if not DO NOT.Don't end up like me,kept drinking water th whole way through :x

Luckily there's ice-cream to neutralise th spiciness,sweeten my taste buds.Hehh((:

Gonna revise on Chem today,test tmr.X-country run on thu too,hope could survive th 3.6km run.Sigh.Hols coming soon,definitely have a lot of things to do and subjects to catch up on.oh well~
Ending here!

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