Friday, March 05, 2010

Deadly Little Secret.

Gonna watch Alice In Wonderland in 3D tmr,seriously looking forward to it!:D

Taken back CTs paper,luckily managed to pass every subjects,some even surprised me(:
Tons for homework to do and tests to revise.Weekend is like always filled with homework and stuff,not a day without it.Chemistry topics are really going on slow...still left more than 10 chapters not yet touched,and left 1mth+ till MYE and 7-8mths+ till Os.Have a feeling we will be going faster if there's lil time left.How to pass Chemistry?):

Funfair/Carnival in April,selected to be accountant.Don't understand why teacher chose me,definitely will get clumsy and stuff.Seriously DO NOT want to stand on stage talking to th sch.sigh,but luckily got Carrie with me,else i'm doomed.Meeting next week,ugh.

CCA,gotten news tht we can't step down until Cultural Nite is over which is July.WTF!Dunno wht th hell teachers are thinking,we're taking Os for God's sake,i/we wanna do well for it & it's my/our first and last time can?Bloody heck.Screw them!):

Life's is turning th wrong way seriously,go right will ya?argh,really really can't wait to graduate from this school and this school life,turning my life upside-down,all around and toying with my feelings.seriously.But i really prefer th time when i'm still a little kid with no stress and problems.

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