Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainbow After a Rain.

Mar Hols had passed,starting of another new term,also means 1 week nearer to Os.Gotta buck up,but just keep procrastinating.Any idea how hard to get away from computer and books to homework?THIS hard.

Fri went for cca and after tht was th outing,raining heavily when reaching th park.Did bonding games and went home,kinda gotten lost.

Sat went out to get my sandals/flats and saw Kelly,heh.Then evening went to cousin's house to celebrate his b'day,like th buffet food.Seeing him so happy reminds me th good ol' days when I celebrated mine in Gran's house.Kids nowadays are really living in happiness.Saw many cute lil kids,really lovely children((:

Read a book that really got me thinking a whole lot,though th storyline is kinda cheesy and stuff,but behind it really lies something that i find it quite true.Maybe tell you another time.

Maths test tmr,hope it will be okay and advanced Happy Birthday to YingXin!(:

another update soon!

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