Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do it well,do it right.

Been going back to school for th past days,cept Tuesday.Homework are never-ending,everyday is a homework day.Left some work untouched yet,gonna start doing later on.

Watched Happy Go Lucky with mum ytd,was quite okay,3/5.Regretted not buying a pair of flats,shall go back another time.

Nothing much going on in my life,just plain boring.Finding i'm doing everything in autopilot mode,doing for th sake of doing,meaningless and uninterested.
Nightmare still haunts me,still finding it hard to believe and can't differentiate if its fake or real.
Think i'm gonna need a reality check.sigh.Luckily last night don't have it again.Getting spooked out alr.

Hope this year things will end right,then everything,burden,load will finally be off my back.Hope th fire will keep on burning till then.

On a brighter note,JustinBieber U SMILE is out!(: Can't wait for th album.Been trying to get attention from him in twitter but to no avail.Gonna try and try,till i give up someday.wonder if i had to catch th right time and type th right thing.nothing seems to work after some tries.So pissed with it.Gonna get it no matter what.Heh!

shall end here!Chemistry lesson tmr and CCA on fri:/

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