Friday, March 29, 2013


Finally stitches was taken out and now my gum is less painful but still kinda scared that somehow the gum will tore up again if I open up my mouth too wide especially when laughing or biting into food. Creeps me out...

Anyway this week is all about foood!Nomnomnom. What better way to enjoy life by indulging in good food and good company? Hehehes. So we went to Olio Cafe for tea break, and by chance they got this tea break offer so how could we pass it up? Best part its only for $15.90 with served with 2 teas/coffee. Ordered this chamomile tea which taste freaking good. Gotta buy the tea someday again! Also chef's salad as well, all worth the money!(:

Might visit for main course as well, all the food looks way good.

Photos credit to YX!

Something colourful to brighten up my day!^^

Seoul Yummy for our dinner, we ordered the army stew set and shared all the food. Taste really yummy and customer service was not bad, staff were friendly and all. Kinda bloated after eating as usual>.<

Side note, can't believe in 3 weeks is another semester again...meaning I'm graduating soon and still have no idea what to do with my life nor future. Can't figure out what I want and honestly felt that all of us are restricted in this society and you know sort of a need to succumb to what is available to us and even if we want to break out there will be consequences, after effects and so many other aspects that we can't control.

Like a chess piece, one wrong move and its all over. Time is running out.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fave DIY Bracelets Styles!

Hello Hello! So today just gonna share some DIY tips I've picked up from YouTube and since primary school days. It is also my take on some of my favourite bracelets designs! Been delaying this post for a really long time, hahas. The interest to make them came back somehow,heh.

Since making your own bracelets had been a trend lately, think now kinda died down already but I still think its a fun and affordable way to create your personal bracelets to wear out and even get compliments on it!

It is also very versatile whereby you could change it up to become part of bookmarks, mobile straps, anklets or just a simple key chain! Possibilities are endless if you can think of more creative ways to use/show them off, hehes!

Here are the general materials you need:
Embiodery threads
Suede cords
Waxed cotton strings
UHU Glue(or any type of glue that is adhesive enough)
Thin threads/Nylon threads
Bracelet Closures (optional)

For different types of strings,beads,closures,buttons you can get them at Spotlight, Beadspin or any craft stores. I've got mine from both places, and Qoo10 (G-market ) for charms and the rest from mom's sewing kit.

I've done quite a few different types of bracelets so gonna introduce each design at a time.

Design 1: Square Knot Bracelet

In my opinion, square knot was technically the 1st type I knew how to make back in primary school, it's really simple too, you can watch the video below to learn!^^

Here's my design~

Design 2: Staircase Knot Bracelet

For staircase knot, it is another change up of square knots. What you'll need to do is also just start off with 4 strings, then do the same step as you would like for the square knots BUT continue to do the knot in one direction only.

Example: you started tying the knot at the right side, keep tying at the right. If you start tying from the left, continue tying left.

Your end results would be this:

Very cute, and if you notice, when you tie the knot continuously for a while it will naturally run spirally. Cool huh(:

Design 3: Beaded Wrap Bracelet

This is my favourite of all, though it is kinda tedious but the end result is quite satisfying for me. Follow the steps like the video below!

Here's my take on it:

Design 4: Braided/Braided Charm Bracelet

Another easy peasy bracelet to do, just do a normal braiding style and TADA! Add on charms after braiding the strings for 3-6 times for a more exquisite feel(:

Here's my creation:

Design 5: Candy Stripe/Chevron Bracelet

For this design, found it on YouTube by chance and also a very simple pattern to do!

Here's my take:

Design 6: Rag Rug Bracelet

This design is a tad confusing, the pattern will always change, however eventually you will start the the same sequence by colour after completing a series of knots.

Take your time and eventually you will get something like this:

There are like tons of different variations to make all kinds of bracelets, if you are interested you can check out those DIY-ers for more!^^

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hehes, another eventful week!First up, caught Oz: The Great and Powerful & Jack the Giant Slayer with YX early in the morning. It was nice sort of like a short movie marathon. Next time would wanna try maybe watch 5 movies at one go? Heh(:

Oz was...meh, probably 3.5/5 cos story plot was kinda predictable and too easy to understand, best for kids though,heh.
Jack was awesome, 4/5! Definitely action packed and also cool graphics and effects!

Then, THIS made my day really, my nails art was featured in my fave beauty/DIY guru video plus replying to my tweet!Ahhhhh, so virtually starstruck~ Never been more grateful! Thank you K.L!:'D

As for this, its one of those rare times where at one shot I was able to borrow literally ALL of my fave series books in the library! SO stoked to read them all and to accompany me while recovering from the wisdom tooth surgery from Monday onwards!Wheee~

Met up with the clique, dinner at Coco Curry House which was our first time trying. Food seemed very tempting but towards the end it gets kinda less appetizing. Overall was still yummy la but gotta eat together with the preserved tomatoes or some kind of red vegetables to refresh your taste buds, hahas. If you know what I mean.

Sadly Helina wasn't able to hang out with us, hopefully there will be a next time. Anyway it was good catching up with the girls and this week was made! So very contented with all the good moments and semester results was fine, thank God and hope I could continue to maintain and improve further next semester.

Gonna get a good rest and exercise a bit before Monday comes, so nerve-wrecking and hope the surgery goes well...

Have an Awesome week ahead!^^

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hello! Interesting week spent with the girls and lazing around at home. Done my nails which was inspired by SecretLifeOfaBioNerd. Do check out her channel if you like DIYs, makeup and fashion. One of my fave Youtubers, heh. Anyway it actually meant Smile in Braille alphabet which made it seem kinda cool.
Changed contact lens to blue~ but friends said they looked green, lol. If only my eyeballs weren't this small, I'll gladly wear clear lens, sigh.

Then thanks to them, I was able to try Din Tai Fung's food, first trip there with them and yup most of their dishes are yummy. Here are the crispy duck meat and stir-fried dou miao.
2 of my fave dishes below! Like salad but Chinese version.
Fillings was chilli crab!Must try!^^
Original pork buns.
Shrimp and pork wantons/dumplings.

Gotta bring parents and try next time. Hees, end off the day with a happy note, thanks girls for always making me smile!(:

Having gum swelling is really no joke, can't eat and talk properly. Turned out I need to go for wisdom tooth extraction surgery:"(

Pretty scared and heart pain the dental costs. Sigh why tooth why? Hopefully it will turned out well and there goes my time to want to find a job. Everything had to come together...I seriously have a weak heart.

Next thurs is also results day, another thing to worry about. ~.~

Saturday, March 02, 2013


Well it's March now~ Exams are over, its really scary how time flies cos this time next year I would have completed poly wow. I hope this time next year I won't be aimlessly searching for something not knowing what that something is.

Anyway on a happier note, previously had a great lunch with the girls after our first paper and giving them their belated and actual birthday presents. Hahas, kinda difficult to keep mum about the timing to buy presents. Funny how my friends birthdays all lie so closely to each other.

Photo credits to Jane!

Last paper head for pepper lunch with mommy, hehes still ever so yummy. Biggest contentment was finally having some time for myself, reading all the awesome books and just escaping from all this for awhile. The feeling really is good like something good bloomed, the thrills and all. Hahahas omg sounds like nerd talk. I better not get carried away.

Then a short meetup with JX and Fionnie, did a little shopping at Bugis the off for dinner at Bon Chon Chicken Restaurant. Seriously food was way too spicy, the more I ate the spicier it gotten, totally low tolerant for the food...BUT the drumsticks/chicken, which they are famous for, we ordered was extremely fragrant, tender and juicy. Skin was so thin and meat was tasty. Think I'll just visit for the chicken. Hehes.

Though below both Kimchi soup looked the same, its different. The one I had was Mandu soup so got chicken. The other was seafood soup.

Some photos to end the night~
Thankful for meeting and knowing them, its was a nice catch up. Hees^^

Photo credits to Fionnie!

I'm gonna try get the motivation back to exercising, always felt so tired and ache from sitting so much.Sigh. Still need to look for internship place for the coming vacation, a holiday job if there is too. Last long break before the stress begin again. Shouldn't think too much, now just enjoy to the fullest.

Have a great week ahead!(: