Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hehes, another eventful week!First up, caught Oz: The Great and Powerful & Jack the Giant Slayer with YX early in the morning. It was nice sort of like a short movie marathon. Next time would wanna try maybe watch 5 movies at one go? Heh(:

Oz was...meh, probably 3.5/5 cos story plot was kinda predictable and too easy to understand, best for kids though,heh.
Jack was awesome, 4/5! Definitely action packed and also cool graphics and effects!

Then, THIS made my day really, my nails art was featured in my fave beauty/DIY guru video plus replying to my tweet!Ahhhhh, so virtually starstruck~ Never been more grateful! Thank you K.L!:'D

As for this, its one of those rare times where at one shot I was able to borrow literally ALL of my fave series books in the library! SO stoked to read them all and to accompany me while recovering from the wisdom tooth surgery from Monday onwards!Wheee~

Met up with the clique, dinner at Coco Curry House which was our first time trying. Food seemed very tempting but towards the end it gets kinda less appetizing. Overall was still yummy la but gotta eat together with the preserved tomatoes or some kind of red vegetables to refresh your taste buds, hahas. If you know what I mean.

Sadly Helina wasn't able to hang out with us, hopefully there will be a next time. Anyway it was good catching up with the girls and this week was made! So very contented with all the good moments and semester results was fine, thank God and hope I could continue to maintain and improve further next semester.

Gonna get a good rest and exercise a bit before Monday comes, so nerve-wrecking and hope the surgery goes well...

Have an Awesome week ahead!^^

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