Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hello! Interesting week spent with the girls and lazing around at home. Done my nails which was inspired by SecretLifeOfaBioNerd. Do check out her channel if you like DIYs, makeup and fashion. One of my fave Youtubers, heh. Anyway it actually meant Smile in Braille alphabet which made it seem kinda cool.
Changed contact lens to blue~ but friends said they looked green, lol. If only my eyeballs weren't this small, I'll gladly wear clear lens, sigh.

Then thanks to them, I was able to try Din Tai Fung's food, first trip there with them and yup most of their dishes are yummy. Here are the crispy duck meat and stir-fried dou miao.
2 of my fave dishes below! Like salad but Chinese version.
Fillings was chilli crab!Must try!^^
Original pork buns.
Shrimp and pork wantons/dumplings.

Gotta bring parents and try next time. Hees, end off the day with a happy note, thanks girls for always making me smile!(:

Having gum swelling is really no joke, can't eat and talk properly. Turned out I need to go for wisdom tooth extraction surgery:"(

Pretty scared and heart pain the dental costs. Sigh why tooth why? Hopefully it will turned out well and there goes my time to want to find a job. Everything had to come together...I seriously have a weak heart.

Next thurs is also results day, another thing to worry about. ~.~

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