Saturday, March 02, 2013


Well it's March now~ Exams are over, its really scary how time flies cos this time next year I would have completed poly wow. I hope this time next year I won't be aimlessly searching for something not knowing what that something is.

Anyway on a happier note, previously had a great lunch with the girls after our first paper and giving them their belated and actual birthday presents. Hahas, kinda difficult to keep mum about the timing to buy presents. Funny how my friends birthdays all lie so closely to each other.

Photo credits to Jane!

Last paper head for pepper lunch with mommy, hehes still ever so yummy. Biggest contentment was finally having some time for myself, reading all the awesome books and just escaping from all this for awhile. The feeling really is good like something good bloomed, the thrills and all. Hahahas omg sounds like nerd talk. I better not get carried away.

Then a short meetup with JX and Fionnie, did a little shopping at Bugis the off for dinner at Bon Chon Chicken Restaurant. Seriously food was way too spicy, the more I ate the spicier it gotten, totally low tolerant for the food...BUT the drumsticks/chicken, which they are famous for, we ordered was extremely fragrant, tender and juicy. Skin was so thin and meat was tasty. Think I'll just visit for the chicken. Hehes.

Though below both Kimchi soup looked the same, its different. The one I had was Mandu soup so got chicken. The other was seafood soup.

Some photos to end the night~
Thankful for meeting and knowing them, its was a nice catch up. Hees^^

Photo credits to Fionnie!

I'm gonna try get the motivation back to exercising, always felt so tired and ache from sitting so much.Sigh. Still need to look for internship place for the coming vacation, a holiday job if there is too. Last long break before the stress begin again. Shouldn't think too much, now just enjoy to the fullest.

Have a great week ahead!(:

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