Friday, March 29, 2013


Finally stitches was taken out and now my gum is less painful but still kinda scared that somehow the gum will tore up again if I open up my mouth too wide especially when laughing or biting into food. Creeps me out...

Anyway this week is all about foood!Nomnomnom. What better way to enjoy life by indulging in good food and good company? Hehehes. So we went to Olio Cafe for tea break, and by chance they got this tea break offer so how could we pass it up? Best part its only for $15.90 with served with 2 teas/coffee. Ordered this chamomile tea which taste freaking good. Gotta buy the tea someday again! Also chef's salad as well, all worth the money!(:

Might visit for main course as well, all the food looks way good.

Photos credit to YX!

Something colourful to brighten up my day!^^

Seoul Yummy for our dinner, we ordered the army stew set and shared all the food. Taste really yummy and customer service was not bad, staff were friendly and all. Kinda bloated after eating as usual>.<

Side note, can't believe in 3 weeks is another semester again...meaning I'm graduating soon and still have no idea what to do with my life nor future. Can't figure out what I want and honestly felt that all of us are restricted in this society and you know sort of a need to succumb to what is available to us and even if we want to break out there will be consequences, after effects and so many other aspects that we can't control.

Like a chess piece, one wrong move and its all over. Time is running out.

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