Saturday, April 06, 2013


Spent most of my days hanging out with the same people, heh. We went for a picnic and cycling day. Still kinda wobbly with the bicycle, now I'm scared of steep slopes and passing people/cyclists. Realised too that my mind cannot wander to other things and negative thoughts like I'm gonna fall cos once I did that I stumble, fell and stop.

Anyway picnic food was gooood. Everyone brought some to contribute while I brought utensils and mat(:

Yummy sandwiches filled with eggs, hams and tuna!~
This breaded bacon-egg was specially made by our HF. Just by looking it seemed like those high-end cafe/restaurants food. Everybody was pretty shocked when we knew how much effort and love put in by our dear friend. Hahas, she could really open a shop with this standard of food. Its like wow.
Some ham and cheese!
Dessert: Biscuits top with Nutella and cornflakes!
Some hotdogs and crabsticks!Photo credit to SY!
Had a fun time with them and it rained halfway while we're cycling. I like picnic!^^

Watched The Host with mum and its 3.8/5 in my opinion....umm some kissing scenes were kinda unnecessary and draggy but good story plot and ending though. Those eyes looked pretty freakish to me but somehow feels cool at the same time,heh.

Initially wanted to go play at Lilliputt but too many kids around and we felt so out of place. Travelled such a long way to get drenched and eat lunch at Sushi Tei. Failed plan today but at least company was great! Food was tasty too!

Photos credit to YX and SY!

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