Friday, April 30, 2010

Something Unusual,

Blink of an eye,end of April time flies.Hope could pass th exams i took on mon-wed.Stress really overloaded & there's still more to come,oh God... Nowadays had been feeling a lil cheerful,cos of all th laughters in class and stuffs.Have to maintain th positive attitude.

So envied of Amerlynn!able to buy digital camera!Argh,if it was me,i'll have to beg and plead and beg until th sky falls before i could get my hands on it,sigh.Such good life.Had to sit out in th sun after recess,feeling is like so hot and warm and gonna be cooked meal alr.Just so unfair.

On a happy note,Mon no school(: Nevertheless,still have to revise for A Maths test and whatnot.Gonna try to do as much as i can over this short hols and seriously have to exercise whole damn lot,getting fatter and fatter.Always after eating a full meal just sit and laze around,yucks.Losing whole lot of stamina also,just hope could pass NAPFA,will be very grateful alr.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great Divide

Shall skip th sch days parts cos everyday is th same old thing over and over again.
Today went bowling with th girls,had a great time,'cept that i totally humiliate myself in front of bunch of people and whatnot,seriously having kinda low spirit. Still,oh well,can't cry over spilled milk anyway.

On a brighter note,bought JustinBieber's album after much struggling and borrowed new vampires books,all is th ones i wanted to read(:weets!Also accomplished smth,after much effort(:
Gonna spend th rest of my time studying away for tests and upcoming MYE.probably going hiatus soon,can't afford to get distracted.Gonna miss viewing all th blog/fb/twit/tumblr/shows.
will tell when th time is right,till then keep viewing and coming k(being thick-skinned here)heh;p
Hope could do well for everything.i'm feeling damn irritated about my life and stuffs,why was i born as human may i ask?it will be so much better if i'm not born into this world...just occupying space only.sigh.

ending here!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Had a good time with friends and classmates,enjoyed selling th pizzas(:
Saw Lyo & Merly,unable to get a proper shot of them though.
Eaten many food,done DIY gingerbread...but didn't managed to get henna painting,go haunted house and get kebab,sigh.Oh well~Took photos with ppl,so will show ya when i get it if possible.
watched performance and stuffs,too bad didn't win th mascot or sky idol award for our class,still good job to everyone(:
Sudden crave for digital camera,seeing everyone having one,or SLR.Better than using handphone's,lag and not as sharp than th real one.Hope could buy it after Os,as reward or smth,heh.

Gonna start revision on chem,bio and ss.really should stop delaying,can't get anything done at all,crap.

ending here!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Same But Different,

Hi!This week had been okay,really am looking forward to tmr funfair!Gonna have a lot of fun,hopefully.Heh((:

Stayed back for awhile to help set up th stall and buy some materials for making th masks.Mascots looked awesome too.Will put up th photo of th mask tmr.

After funfair would be e-learning day,which i soooo do not look forward too,i rather we go school and teachers teach us.Gonna have full science(s) and SS paper after tht.Seriously not a good thing at all.Hopefully would have th motivation to revise all these in 2-3days time.Really left with not much time,everything is just coming way too fast,no preparation at all.Argh.

Gotten hook to HON series,hope could get th next 2 books.wonder what will th ending be...they should really make it into a movie,tht will be so awesome~

Shall end here!update tmr again(:

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Another week is over.Lots of tests to revise for,all the same old things.
didn't do well for O's Chem SPA,teacher alr gave me hints & i still can't understand her meaning.Am dumb am i?hope th next 2 left would be better.

Upcoming event in sch is th funfair.Really am looking forward to it!Gonna be exciting with food and games and concert((: Still have not sold finished my tickets,anyone wanna buy?93.3fm DJs gonna be coming down too,heh:p Hope it would be more better than last yr.

Trying to complete all homeworks by friday and revise tests on weekends.Chiong-ing like crazy but half th time my plan failed.Either left with 1 or a few.

Do watch th youtube vids if you haven't,really cute and adorable(;

Shall end here,seeya:>

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Museum Trip.

Museum trip was not bad,most things are statues,carvings,tombs.Only 1 mummified body which was wrapped up with cloth or smth and it was crowded with many people,long queue and stuffs.Halfway phone no batt so lack of th photos.maybe next time will give y'all a photo spam then:>

Had our dinner and was gonna catch a movie or smth,but tickets were selling fast,left 1 single seat or 2 separate single seats.went walked around and home.had a good day though(:

This week gonna get busy busy,have not start revising yet=trouble.Have to start asap,tho i keep th procrastinating,gah. God bless!

Friday, April 02, 2010


This week had been a bad week.Tons of stuff to catch up on and a problem that is hanging in mid air till next thu.

Sidetrack,went out with parents today to City Square Mall,a bumpy ride but still great cos its been wayyy long since th whole family went out to have a meal and shop together.Bought organic raisins,taste not bad,not much different from non organic ones.Saw JustinBieber 's album,like finally but didn't buy it cos there's no MV in it,so kinda considering.heh:x
Bought other minor stuffs also,apparels is great too,some great bargains!Gonna go there again next time.had a great day with them<3

Gotten sore throat again too,Argh,like a monthly thing or smth.why can't canteen sells less heaty food?Feeling like crap.

Revive tagboard too,so tag anything you want.Smth wrong with playlist nowadays,should i continue to put music or just delete it?

next week is so gonna be hectic,with tests like practically everyday,lots of revision to be done and learn and memorise.ugh,everything is like cramp up together.

Out to museum tmr too,will be back with photos(like finally too),so keep a look out!
Ending here!