Friday, April 02, 2010


This week had been a bad week.Tons of stuff to catch up on and a problem that is hanging in mid air till next thu.

Sidetrack,went out with parents today to City Square Mall,a bumpy ride but still great cos its been wayyy long since th whole family went out to have a meal and shop together.Bought organic raisins,taste not bad,not much different from non organic ones.Saw JustinBieber 's album,like finally but didn't buy it cos there's no MV in it,so kinda considering.heh:x
Bought other minor stuffs also,apparels is great too,some great bargains!Gonna go there again next time.had a great day with them<3

Gotten sore throat again too,Argh,like a monthly thing or smth.why can't canteen sells less heaty food?Feeling like crap.

Revive tagboard too,so tag anything you want.Smth wrong with playlist nowadays,should i continue to put music or just delete it?

next week is so gonna be hectic,with tests like practically everyday,lots of revision to be done and learn and memorise.ugh,everything is like cramp up together.

Out to museum tmr too,will be back with photos(like finally too),so keep a look out!
Ending here!

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