Friday, April 16, 2010

Same But Different,

Hi!This week had been okay,really am looking forward to tmr funfair!Gonna have a lot of fun,hopefully.Heh((:

Stayed back for awhile to help set up th stall and buy some materials for making th masks.Mascots looked awesome too.Will put up th photo of th mask tmr.

After funfair would be e-learning day,which i soooo do not look forward too,i rather we go school and teachers teach us.Gonna have full science(s) and SS paper after tht.Seriously not a good thing at all.Hopefully would have th motivation to revise all these in 2-3days time.Really left with not much time,everything is just coming way too fast,no preparation at all.Argh.

Gotten hook to HON series,hope could get th next 2 books.wonder what will th ending be...they should really make it into a movie,tht will be so awesome~

Shall end here!update tmr again(:

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