Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great Divide

Shall skip th sch days parts cos everyday is th same old thing over and over again.
Today went bowling with th girls,had a great time,'cept that i totally humiliate myself in front of bunch of people and whatnot,seriously having kinda low spirit. Still,oh well,can't cry over spilled milk anyway.

On a brighter note,bought JustinBieber's album after much struggling and borrowed new vampires books,all is th ones i wanted to read(:weets!Also accomplished smth,after much effort(:
Gonna spend th rest of my time studying away for tests and upcoming MYE.probably going hiatus soon,can't afford to get distracted.Gonna miss viewing all th blog/fb/twit/tumblr/shows.
will tell when th time is right,till then keep viewing and coming k(being thick-skinned here)heh;p
Hope could do well for everything.i'm feeling damn irritated about my life and stuffs,why was i born as human may i ask?it will be so much better if i'm not born into this world...just occupying space only.sigh.

ending here!

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