Friday, April 30, 2010

Something Unusual,

Blink of an eye,end of April time flies.Hope could pass th exams i took on mon-wed.Stress really overloaded & there's still more to come,oh God... Nowadays had been feeling a lil cheerful,cos of all th laughters in class and stuffs.Have to maintain th positive attitude.

So envied of Amerlynn!able to buy digital camera!Argh,if it was me,i'll have to beg and plead and beg until th sky falls before i could get my hands on it,sigh.Such good life.Had to sit out in th sun after recess,feeling is like so hot and warm and gonna be cooked meal alr.Just so unfair.

On a happy note,Mon no school(: Nevertheless,still have to revise for A Maths test and whatnot.Gonna try to do as much as i can over this short hols and seriously have to exercise whole damn lot,getting fatter and fatter.Always after eating a full meal just sit and laze around,yucks.Losing whole lot of stamina also,just hope could pass NAPFA,will be very grateful alr.

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