Saturday, April 10, 2010


Another week is over.Lots of tests to revise for,all the same old things.
didn't do well for O's Chem SPA,teacher alr gave me hints & i still can't understand her meaning.Am dumb am i?hope th next 2 left would be better.

Upcoming event in sch is th funfair.Really am looking forward to it!Gonna be exciting with food and games and concert((: Still have not sold finished my tickets,anyone wanna buy?93.3fm DJs gonna be coming down too,heh:p Hope it would be more better than last yr.

Trying to complete all homeworks by friday and revise tests on weekends.Chiong-ing like crazy but half th time my plan failed.Either left with 1 or a few.

Do watch th youtube vids if you haven't,really cute and adorable(;

Shall end here,seeya:>

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