Saturday, April 17, 2010


Had a good time with friends and classmates,enjoyed selling th pizzas(:
Saw Lyo & Merly,unable to get a proper shot of them though.
Eaten many food,done DIY gingerbread...but didn't managed to get henna painting,go haunted house and get kebab,sigh.Oh well~Took photos with ppl,so will show ya when i get it if possible.
watched performance and stuffs,too bad didn't win th mascot or sky idol award for our class,still good job to everyone(:
Sudden crave for digital camera,seeing everyone having one,or SLR.Better than using handphone's,lag and not as sharp than th real one.Hope could buy it after Os,as reward or smth,heh.

Gonna start revision on chem,bio and ss.really should stop delaying,can't get anything done at all,crap.

ending here!

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