Sunday, February 28, 2010

Record Of Emotion.

Weekends always seem so short,just getting to relax a bit & its school day tmr again.
Sat went to 'lao yu sheng' with paternal family,today to temple to pray.Everything seems to rush by quickly.

Completed reading 2 books,felt like i accomplish smth.heh.Today's moon is so round and big and kinda orange.((:

Guess tmr may be taking back some CTs papers,really hope i could pass all of it.God Bless!
Think gonna start working harder when step down from cca,just too much things in hand & i just feel completely helpless.Argh.

Think Imma buy JB's album when it hits S'pore!(: yay,with MV would be even better,but oh well~ His song actually kept me goin for th 1st round in PE last fri,because of its catchy tune.
Must rmb those catchy tune and lyrics to help me with my running this week.Hope i will be able to survive.Think of running makes me wanna breakdown.sigh.Must have a positive attitude.

Forgotten what i wanna write mind just went blank.Think i'll write down again if i remember it.Heh.

Ending here!

Friday, February 26, 2010

If Only...

Really addicted to this song now,JB![L]

Finally Common Tests is over,hope i could pass all.Another month is over.Many events coming up in sch,some are kinda looking forward to it.Heh.

Did smth seriously embarrassing ytd.Should i write it down?
Nah,later you read it,definitely willl find it silly and i'll become a laughing stock.Heh,perhaps another day.

Had my 1st run today after few months without exercising.Sucks like shit for me.Really have to fine time to train stamina up.wished someone could train with me..but impossible i guess.

went for th English oral prac lesson.Also another sucky thing to happen today.I don't understand why he had to pull our parents down to this.Like what did they do to you for goodness sake?No idea wht's his problem.I rather listen to th Chinese teacher talk.

Finding my life getting very boring.Mostly my life just revolve around studies.Nothing exciting ever happens.I lost th urge to spend moolahs on clothes and stuffs.I just want to be cooped up in a small cosy corner with my fiction books and things i love.sigh.why make life so unfair?

Sometimes things just don't work out at all.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Shot,

Didn't manage to study much ytd.Changed in events.So technically today just started to revise.Do you know hard Chemistry is?Argh,hope i could remember all th things.Gonna start mugging on E/A Maths soon.Start of Common Tests tmr,ending in 4 days.Hope i could do well for them.Wish me luck k!:)

Just completed watching Hi!My Sweetheart.Ending was good and funny and delicious.cos i was eating a KitKat while watching th last part.heh.

okay,shall end here!God Bless!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sometimes ignorance is really bliss,

Another week of sch is over!Pretty much a whole lot of tests next week,cos its Common Test week.Heh.Nothing much happened at school.same old boring life. Tons of homework to do and tons of revision that i haven't started yet.Hopefully able to start today.

Goin to aunt's house later,which means buffet, more ang baos and gambling.hahas.
Not really my scene,goin there for th sake of food and money,heh.

Awesome books borrowed in library.How cool would it be if you can see people's auras?
wayyyy cool(: okay,its kinda random.

Watched Hi!My Sweetheart for th past cny days.Really hilarious and Show is HOT!But,this drama is kinda dragging...hope could watched finished soon.must get distractions off my tracks for now.

Shall end here!(:
I Love Sam!

P.S Think i'm back to JB Craze!HOT ttm!Baby's MV is up,gotta watch it!(:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Reunion dinner ytd at Gran's house .Seems like everyone's dinner is standard-steamboat everytime.Kinda boring,done nothing much there.Drank smth called cocktail,there's blue and pink,preferred blue i guess.

At maternal gran's house now,nothing much to do too.Kinda special this year,brought laptop to kill time.Adults doin the same old thing.Tonight goin to paternal gran's house.hopefully it would be better...

Feel like watching movie tmr,th lightning thief if can.seems nice,action pack sort of thing.Heh.

Shall end here!Enjoy your CNY hols everyone!(;

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tell Me Something I Don't Know.

Hihi!Just celebrated CNY celebration in sch.Lots of singing & funny moments,.heh(:
Thanks to those people for th Vday Gifts!Lovelove!(:
& th custom made keychain(must be ex) from Mdm Lim!(:
Reunion dinner at Gran's tmr and CNY on sunday.
ain't that fast?after all tht,Common Tests.REALLY great timing alright.

After 123456789 days,still am sick.cough and sore throat.Hope could recover soon.Can't eat all those food!Damn tempted.Hmph.Not sure gonna see doc later on...and buy some stuffs.There's like a lot of tests goin on every week,one down,another test just come up.jeez.Predicting th days,weeks,mths ahead will be extra suffering and suffocating.Still,will try to work hard,must buck up,can't give up.

okay,shall update another time!seeya!(:

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Make It or Break It.

Usual routine every week.Stayed back in sch like everyday.
Mon:Maths SSP.
Wed:Geog/SS SSP.
Fri:Chi SSP.
So it's kinda hard to post smth up,with all this stuffs, tests and homework piling up.Gotten good news tht we can step down in March from cca(: cos concert had been cancelled in June.Th rest are going to take part in SYF Opening Ceremony.Which is good too,they can get some exposure and stuff(:

Not much happenings in sch,kinda boring.Life just revolve around studies,studies and MORE studies.

Gotten sore throat a few days back,still not recovering yet.Like a lump stuck in my throat.Pain like hell.Tried diff meds,no use sia.sigh.oh well~

Sat: Went J8 to look for my last loots for CNY.Gotten a pair of pants(?).Dunno wht's it called.Walk around,borrowed books...went to AMK Hub/Central.walk around,sat somewhere and dazed,finally bought a dress for CNY.Looked kinda weird on me though.kinda regret buying.Tried putting a belt with it,so hope it will look better?:/ Bought pillow too(:

Watched VampireDiaries,Ep 11 & 12 are out!Woots!Though its kinda gruesome,it captures th suspense and thrill.Awesome ttm man.Should catch it if you haven't!(:Gonna watched it later.
Hope rest of th episodes will released soon...

Nowadays kinda obsessed viewing some pictures of interesting/unusual places,like houses,food,heels and other random stuff.Find it real cool,love th effects they made on th photos too.Wished my photography skills could be better,like them.Oh ya,Found some Killer Heels/Booties pictures,smth to die for seriously.heh.

Lovee th strappy ones!Especially th black:D
Think this is lace-type heels.Cool right?wonder where she got it from..hmm.

Shall end here!God pass this week tests.