Friday, February 26, 2010

If Only...

Really addicted to this song now,JB![L]

Finally Common Tests is over,hope i could pass all.Another month is over.Many events coming up in sch,some are kinda looking forward to it.Heh.

Did smth seriously embarrassing ytd.Should i write it down?
Nah,later you read it,definitely willl find it silly and i'll become a laughing stock.Heh,perhaps another day.

Had my 1st run today after few months without exercising.Sucks like shit for me.Really have to fine time to train stamina up.wished someone could train with me..but impossible i guess.

went for th English oral prac lesson.Also another sucky thing to happen today.I don't understand why he had to pull our parents down to this.Like what did they do to you for goodness sake?No idea wht's his problem.I rather listen to th Chinese teacher talk.

Finding my life getting very boring.Mostly my life just revolve around studies.Nothing exciting ever happens.I lost th urge to spend moolahs on clothes and stuffs.I just want to be cooped up in a small cosy corner with my fiction books and things i love.sigh.why make life so unfair?

Sometimes things just don't work out at all.

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