Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sometimes ignorance is really bliss,

Another week of sch is over!Pretty much a whole lot of tests next week,cos its Common Test week.Heh.Nothing much happened at school.same old boring life. Tons of homework to do and tons of revision that i haven't started yet.Hopefully able to start today.

Goin to aunt's house later,which means buffet, more ang baos and gambling.hahas.
Not really my scene,goin there for th sake of food and money,heh.

Awesome books borrowed in library.How cool would it be if you can see people's auras?
wayyyy cool(: okay,its kinda random.

Watched Hi!My Sweetheart for th past cny days.Really hilarious and Show is HOT!But,this drama is kinda dragging...hope could watched finished soon.must get distractions off my tracks for now.

Shall end here!(:
I Love Sam!

P.S Think i'm back to JB Craze!HOT ttm!Baby's MV is up,gotta watch it!(:

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