Friday, February 12, 2010

Tell Me Something I Don't Know.

Hihi!Just celebrated CNY celebration in sch.Lots of singing & funny moments,.heh(:
Thanks to those people for th Vday Gifts!Lovelove!(:
& th custom made keychain(must be ex) from Mdm Lim!(:
Reunion dinner at Gran's tmr and CNY on sunday.
ain't that fast?after all tht,Common Tests.REALLY great timing alright.

After 123456789 days,still am sick.cough and sore throat.Hope could recover soon.Can't eat all those food!Damn tempted.Hmph.Not sure gonna see doc later on...and buy some stuffs.There's like a lot of tests goin on every week,one down,another test just come up.jeez.Predicting th days,weeks,mths ahead will be extra suffering and suffocating.Still,will try to work hard,must buck up,can't give up.

okay,shall update another time!seeya!(:

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