Sunday, May 02, 2010


had a good time with family ytd.Went cycling in th evening.Was feeling really awkward,so many ppl around and no idea how to ride a bike,sigh.Still,was fun nevertheless!Hope there's still more of this to come!(:

oh ya,found out th Lady Gaga news may be just a hoax,for humour whatsoever-.-Ah well~
lesson learnt;sometimes not whatever news in net is true,should check its reliability first.Funny yes?

A Maths test on tues,still not really sure of th differentiation nor integration,feel like treading on th water.Life sucks alright,still have more tests and exams to come.Wake up Peggy!Stop dreaming alr!):

Thank Goodness tmr no school,else i'll be really unprepared.Been slacking th whole weekend away,watching TV,reading books and using com.Trying to delay everything else.Really got to stop it before it gets worse.Competition is heating up faster than i expected,sigh.Need to pull my socks and everything else up and buck up real hard and tight.

okay,shall end my rants here.

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