Sunday, May 09, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!(:

Pretty much busy with schoolwork everyday,after completing a task,another one come th next day.Officially start hating every bit of th things i need to do,endless stuff to complete within such a short time.Only robots could do so fast.Am trailing behind like a slowcoach now.Losing all my senses soon..sigh.

Last minute told that there's th 5 stations need to do last friday,this time i did a whole lot worse in my entire life i've been through,failed th damn thing horribly,making a fool out of myself,losing hope.Hate myself for being like this.

celebrated Mother's day with th family at maternal side,had a good dinner today and whole lot of worksheets to accompany me and revision to do.From now onwards,all th worksheets are my best friends,follow me wherever i go and will not stop till O lvl is here.I have a very sucky life,now its just 100 times worse.Great.Just great.

Gotta go now,you've wasted 3-5mins of your time reading.well done.

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