Sunday, May 16, 2010



Had gone through a very bad week,What is wrong with me?
1.Failed Napfa.
2.Failed Eng P2(MYE!).
3.Chinese grade drop,just few cm away from my A.(MYE!)
Oh crap,is it just me or is this is supposed to happened?Really lagging behind time and people alr.sigh.sigh.sigh.Only left 14 days till Chinese O.

So many things happened at such a short time & i'm suffocating from it alr,even having weekends seems like a disaster,going out with mum,a voice in my brain keep reminding me,you have to start revising now,you've so many tests for next week and you're slacking alr!No time left to lose!Argh,you know how irritating that is?Even if i wanna escape for awhile,this thoughts just came tagging with me):

Ugh,life seriously sucks,really can't wait for Os to be over.Weekends officially means studying for tests and doing homework time to do anything else really.Feeling all the stress now..



Kelly's day today,lovee the board we done for her,one and only and priceless.Heh(:

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