Thursday, September 01, 2011

Marks The End For Now

Hello, its September now!Just completed final semester exams,awesome vacation starts like now,happy happy!(:

Changed new layout too,what do you guys think?Comment below post,hehe.

In the middle of searching for temporary jobs to do while having vacation. Hope at least some recruiter will call me up.

Lovin' the feeling of nothing to do now but feels weird that suddenly so relax,heh.

Been catching Victorious, a hilarious show and many catchy songs to sing to. Victoria Justice(left) is so gorgeous and skinny,envious much. Noted she looked a bit like Nina Dobrev(right) also,both got their own pretty features. Went for Class Chalet at Coasta Sands, though didn't stay long it was kinda fun with the people around.After a long dilemma of whether should attend or not,lucky made a right choice of going,teehee.Thank to those people who organized it. Sadly didn't take some photos with them. I'm not sure why but it seems so hard for me to fit in with them,whole personality just change.what's wrong with me really?! I hope next semester would be better:/

Gonna spent some time watching movies, hanging out with friends,cleaning up my room, shopping & so much more during this vacation.Better cherish it guys,it will be gone fast while enjoying~


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