Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pepper Lunch Breakfast

For the past week having problems with my ears,had a problem listening. Presently, problem still exists, hoping the ear drops could help. It's soooo uncomfortable that all sounds are muffled and feeling of something stuck inside the ear that I can't get it out.Ugh,hopefully could recover soon:(

I had a great time searching for books to read such that sequels I've been waiting for a really loooong time finally let it be found by me.Hehe, just can't get enough of them(:

Anyway, went for swimming in the cloudy morning yesterday ,really fun slides.Can't wait for another round of it,hees.

Went for a hearty breakfast at Pepper Lunch,obviously stated above.2nd time tasting the yummy food again;definitely awesome!Especially with the honey brown sauce, feel like eating it now that I'm typing it out,lol.

Curry chicken with cheese rice for YX &...

Salmon pepper rice for me!YUMZ~

Of course,ate it with no leftover and definitely thumbs up!

Don't forget dessert!:p

Its student meal-affordable $ definitely of good quality.Next time I should bring mum to try,think she'll like it too:D

Having a workshop for 2days and finally another outing with the rest of my friends this Thurs!Woo,can't wait after a million years of not meeting(:


Alicia :D said...

Hello, I came to visit :)
I love pepper lunch too. Especially the pepper chicken one. :)

Peggy said...

Hi!Thanks for visiting! I like that too!(: