Sunday, September 04, 2011

Something New

Great news!Gonna go for job interview tmr,there's 2 but I'm feeling sooooo nervous cos it's been awhile since I last work.How should I answer?What should I ask?Ugh.
Shall just go for it,fingers crossed I could get a suitable job(:

You know how sometimes when you gained something,you had to sacrifice or lose something?

Fell sick on Friday,went to see doctor yesterday.Throat is killing me!Sometimes it itches sometimes dry and sometimes it hurts.Hope will get better tmr for interview.

Okay, so I've been checking my mailbox,well not exactly but asking my dad for my letter & one day it came!Was soooo excited cos I've won something!Can you guess?Hehe,I bet you'll scroll and see,yes?

Well,its actually Za cosmetics hamper,really thankful to Seventeen for this.Cos of voting for the summer dance,by luck won it.Woooo~

So gonna share with you guys what I've received.Love the packaging!First is this Za True White Prismizer, some lotion for face,first time getting this too.Fragrance is nice,yet to use it though.

Second is Za Wide Eyes Mascara,also my first time having this,comb-like brush.Do you know the colour is violet?Lol,gonna try this some time later:>

Lastly, is Za lip gloss in 03-Honey Pink.This I've tried out, smell fruity,not really sticky on lips & very shiny.My lips seem to glitter,hahas.

For me,I rarely put make-up on face cos I'm lazy to do it and seem to make me look older than I am so kinda putting it off.Heh,weird huh?Interestingly, I still like to know more about the cosmetics watching those gurus on Youtube.TeeHee.Should I write a review of the other 2 products?Comment if you'll like to know(:

Shall end here~

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