Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time For Icy Fun

2nd attempt on ice-skating with YingXin & HuiSan.Could say I've improved quite a bit from the previous 1st time(Sec2/3?) I tried,heh.

Fun & cold experience and saw professional figure skaters,young and soooo talented,hahas.The whole time I tried to skate, I was holding onto the surrounding walls(?),whatever its called.But but I did manage to stop holding for awhile-1min less, thrilled when I went fast but afraid of falling which sucks.

Really a BIG thank you to them for so patiently helping/teaching me along for the past 2hours(!!) & really sorry for the burden,can't enjoy fully:(

Finally, my ear is cleared!!!Never been more happy,after weeks of difficult hearing,I can finally hear everything so much clearly now!!!Thank God(:

Been watching many shows,so so so exciting and nice,hehes.Can't wait for more episodes:>

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