Saturday, September 24, 2011

When We All Come Together

Had a blast with the girls on Thursday!Went to Nex for lunch at HongGuo,hongkong restaurant.Food is just all right,serving is quite large didn't finish all up.I like the golden prawns though,heh.No photos of food cos forget about taking them:s

Went up to Skygarden,played Uno all that,chatted and took photos.Should have Kelly too but did not had the chance to take with her.Next time since we will have a cook off "competition" in Oct,omg so excited for that!:>

Went for some window-shopping,only Helina bought the most,hee.It was fun anyway accompany them walking all over the place,hahas.

Love love their jumpshot,hint-photographer:>
Our standard must-take.

Mum's taking care of Gran cos she's not been feeling well,one of my relatives hospitalised and my ear is still blocked,frustrating.why oh why so many things all happened all together?Hope all will be well soon.

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