Thursday, September 05, 2013

#17 L'etoile Cafe/ Jewel Cafe + Bar

Have this sudden interest of going cafe hopping because of all the pretty pictures seen at Instagram and following Ladyironchef made me wanna jumped on this bandwagon as well. Just see how it goes. 

Anyway the first stop is at Farrer Park. Supposingly to visit 4 nearby cafes, but one was close and the other we had a hard time finding after walking rounds and rounds:(

Putting that aside, our first stop was at L'etoile Cafe, reached there quite conveniently despite the rainy day. Best to go on a weekday really cos there's not much people around and in this type of cafes, its usually made for a smaller crowd of people given the limited space. Must admit the interior design was pretty vintage and so relaxing like you can just watch the world go by. Food wise was standard, pastas was seriously overpriced. Don't recommend that. Service was meh. But what we ate was good enough so would go back there another time prolly just for the ambiance hahas.

Next stop was at Jewel Cafe & Bar, was not really expecting the looks of it but we gave it a try anyway. Felt it is more of a bar than a cafe but again the atmosphere was very welcoming and warming. Customers mostly went there for beer and wine. Main dishes was expensive too and since we ate earlier, we just ordered desserts. The watermelon steaks I ordered was pretty refreshing taste but a tad weird for me though it was one of a creative dish I had ever tasted. The brownie was amazingly yummy(: Service was good too, hahas everyone was so friendly and welcoming to us.

Kinda short but after walking so much it was pretty tiring plus the weather made it sucks. On the bright side, really happy to experience all these in one day, all the old shophouses, people working, taking photos, like a small village or something, hahas. Hope to have more of this next time and I'll definitely share more here for keepsake!^^

Am very productive this week to catch up with friends and family. Another update soon~

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