Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Little Things-Field Trips & Breaking Dawn!

Yes 3 more weeks to break!Can's wait for Mid-Sem Test to be over so could catch up on my rest. Luckily only 1 test which means I could get an early break,hehe;)

Mentally and physically drained out. Always spent my weekends at home trying to finish all the work I need to do, need to get out next week!Kinda suffocating with so much work to do,sigh.

Never mind, I shall overcome it, and try my best to score well!Everyone let's push on!^^

Anyway moving on to some happy things, first is I went on 2 field trips for different subjects with my project group and class respectively.

Visited Haw Par Villa, very deserted place that not many people visit now but it was my first time stepping into the theme park, was most looking forward to seeing the Ten Courts of Hell, based on our Chinese legends/mythologies. Insanely warm that day, was sweating non-stop literally.

Saw many interesting/kinda grossed out statues and the stories behind them. Glad I finally went to see, everyone should really go Haw Par Villa once in their lifetime, hahas. Wonder if its gonna be demolished soon though...

The Haw Par brothers' villa last time before it was destroyed during WWII.

Then another field trip was to Sembawang Country Club, had to do a report on it so we were given a brief talk about the place and get to do a fast tour there, but only managed to see some areas, mainly the golf course. Hahas, but no matter, the scenery was beautiful^^

Photo Credits: Cally & Christina

Finally, an impromptu movie date with YX to catch the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn Part 2, after years of chasing, it finally ended this year. Ending was pretty awesome! Love the whole saga though book was definitely better except for some draggy parts,heh.

Oh and I can't get over how pretty the actress for Renesmee is, such sharp face features o.O
Super glad went for this movie, was on the verge of breaking down, but after watching, mood was lifted and well I get to escape from reality for awhile.Hehes.
Time to crashed back to reality, hopefully, praying hard I/my group could finished all work on time and deliver the reports for a worthy grade A.

Have a nice week!(:

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