Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Little Things-MBS & K-Attack!

It's November already!Have you achieve any or most of the goals/resolutions?^^
Can't remember what I set for myself, probably the same goal as always for studies and loved ones. Hees.

2nd week of school is already driving me stress and irritated, why did I chose this elective in the first place uh. Using PBL to learn is getting tedious and tiring. Shall try to think positive thoughts and do well for the subjects, for now grades matter most to me.

Since the electives I took was HR/Tourism, was given an opportunity to attend the 3-days seminar/conference organized by ASTD and STADA. Location at Marina Bay Sands convention centre which was freaking cool cos I've never been there before and the decorations, architecture looked extremely classy and elegant. Probably my first and last time get to go there,hahas.

Anyway, it was an event for many HR professionals to get together to mingle and learn about managing HR so it really was an eye opener for me, getting to see so many people and learn a little about the business world. Kinda scary actually, couldn't see myself doing all this in few years time. >.<

Here's my pass!(:
Fascinated by the lighting  in the room, hehes.
Did I mention there was tea break, lunch and dinner for all 3 days? However I went for 2 days only get to taste the tea breaks and one lunch. Was surprised the food actually tasted really good!Technically only went for food tasting instead of going in to listen at each sessions,oopsie!

Just caught my eye.
The one and only lunch, doesn't look very tempting but pretty good stuff!^^
The last day of the seminar, who knew it actually help me made some new friends and we kinda get along(:
We get to hang out while waiting for lunch break, hahas and they're really nice people, so thank you for brightening up my day!

Photos Credit: Joshua (Photographer for us;p)

Thankful and appreciative too that I gotten a chance to go to this type of event, doesn't happen everyday you know? So no regret plus had a lot of fun!Hehes(:

On Saturday, went to support our dear SY at Esplanade concert hall as she was part of her school Chinese Orchestra playing K-pop songs~

Met up with the rest for tea break first, before going in for the concert.
Playing with the smiling prop by MacDonald's, teehee.
Our food for break!YUM.

& us!Credit to YX!

My nails of the day!^^
Outfit for the day! Credit to YX!
Our female lead!Hehes!

In the concert hall waiting for the performance to start. First time in Esplanade too, the hall was very spacious and sophisticated.
Totally immersed in the music they played throughout the 1.5hours+, the conductor also quite hilarious, lol. Light sticks were given to us but didn't use much. The whole orchestra played really well, could feel their efforts and music was soothing and so nice to listen to. Hope next year we will get to go again too!:D

So this sums up for my week, had really good time!

Now its back to reality again, every Monday is gonna be a long day in school:(
Time to catch up on projects and tutorials. Finding my way through this complicated maze.
Need to survive!

Have a good rest everyone!


Melissa Leanne said...

hi peggy you're looking really great in your pics!! ^_^

Peggy said...

Awww, thanks many Mel!:D