Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Little Things-School, Family & Friends

So school finally starts, it was a start of a good week, meeting my new classmates, tutors and secondary school friends. Projects already begin, gonna get really busy soon enough. Life of a Poly student~

Luckily I still get to meet up with Kel and YX for lunch and lectures so it wasn't too bad^^

Now I hope time will pass faster and I'll be able to do well this semester... with 2 PBLs project, 2 "normal" projects and other stuff.

Volunteered to help out in the school event for Bone Marrow Donors, basically to encourage people to become a bone marrow donor. Its actually really sad that to find a perfect match, to save a life, is a 1 in 20,000 chance. Sadly I can't be a donor yet because of disapproval but so glad a lot of people in our school did it, every donor counts yes?

For more details please do go to BMDP to find out more and if you are interested to become a bone marrow donor. Thank you so much if you did become!(:

Anyway, get to see my usual fave girls on Thursday for dinner at BBQ Chicken restaurant, had a great time chatting and laughing out loud literally and a mini birthday celebration for SY(: They never fail to brighten up my day and keep me sane. Hahas!Thankful for this friendship.
Our fruity soda drinks and 1 Oreo cookies milkshake. (i think)
Kel's Fish and chips (Not too sure the exact name?)
My and others, Seafood Aglio Olio.
SY Olive Chicken Rice (Not sure the exact name too,hees :X)

And since I received my pay, spent the holiday to treat my parents a good meal in a Japanese restaurant at Nex. Went for a shopping trip together after that too. Hehes, I love the smiles on their faces and able to give them something for what they done for me. Hoping for more of this moments to come in the future:D

30% off Etude House products, went to get some stocks before it ends today, so glad I decided to buy, heh.
Hope their membership programme will start again soon~

Alright, shall end here with a good note. Off for a cosy sleep before tomorrow's morning class(sad)!^^

Have an awesome week everyone!

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