Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Little Things- End and Begin

Hello! So I ended my holiday job on Wed, kinda love-hate it, typical me. But so very grateful for all the nice colleagues and acquaintances made^^ Now, waiting for the pay to come before I go on a little shopping spree. Seeing some online shops with sales going on and Cotton On too, seriously can't resist~

Went for haircut too, like finally. Initially wanted to grow out my bangs but I'm too impatient to wait so its back where I started again. Feels lighter too while washing hair. Sadly colour dye faded...should I dye again?:/

Oh and a BIG thank you to LASplash for the contest prize!Hehes, so much green glitters!
I gotten a mascara, eye sparkle, body sparkle and pencil eyeliner(:
Tried the green eyeliner, there's some shimmer in it, colour pay off is quite light but glides on smoothly on my lids so thumbs up for that!
Another new semester and new class from tomorrow onwards. Really don't know what to expect but am praying for friendly and helpful tutors and classmates. Heh.

Wouldn't Earth be a better place if everyone could get along, be nice to each other? Just another wishful thinking...or maybe it does exist on another parallel universe.

Been listening to a lot of good music and watching another anime called Ouran High School Host Club, quite hilarious and happy show^^

Hopefully tomorrow will start on the right path.

Have a good week everyone!

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