Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Little Things- USS Trip!

This week was quite eventful for me!

Can't believe that I managed to borrow my sequel books at Compass Point again on Tuesday!So happy with it, wished could borrow more,hehes! Hopefully will finish reading them all in time:D

Wednesday was my trip to Universal Studios Singapore with YX, technically not my first time there but first time get to play almost all the rides,hees.

Super thankful to her for that day and making this trip absolutely fun!Fave ride there was Transformers!Tried all the rest and indoor roller coasters, Ferris wheel, water rides. Most frightening for me was the roller coasters, even though its a smaller version of the Battlestar Galactica, I really got the shock of my life. Also first time I really actually scream. Gosh, so embarrassed.

While the other people riding with me were like so steady and as though they were taking a car ride-.-

& this YX still laugh at me while I screamed.LOL, come to think of it, it was kinda a funny moment.Hahahas!

The Waterworld performance was fantastic too, so lucky that the performer sat beside me,hehes and get to see the fake airplane land in front of me. Splashed with tons of water,heh.

Thank God the weather remain sunny throughout the day!
Hope will get a chance to watch this too when it opens!

Queuing for Transformers!
Sad we didn't get to take photos with all the mascots, but able to see some were already lucky!^^

Muhahahas, me pushing the boxes, see how strong I am?;)

Didn't know Shrek's actually this big.

Lunch was...expensive. $12 for this satay combo set excluding drinks. But, food was yummy enough so I guess its okay.

Back out of this last ride, really no courage. Sorry YX!But she had fun,hehes!

Daddy O's performance!

Caught the Monster Rock concert too!So musically wonderful!(:

It was really fun getting the chance to go there and enjoy the place, felt like I step into another world. Couldn't ask for more! Again, am grateful for YX's company throughout, letting me hold her hands while I'm scared on the rides, being so ever patient and caring. Hehes!A well day spent!:D

Worked for the past 2 days as telemarketer, also met a really nice girl named Sam. Felt like we can talk about almost anything, from fascinating stuff like collective thoughts, spiritual things to political, earth ship, natal charts and gossips. Wow, like she opened up a whole new world to me in such a short time and learnt so so much from her. Extremely insightful and inspiring.

Thank you Sam for all the things shared and time spent together!It was really nice knowing her! Really hope she will live a blissful and happy life in Brazil(:

Grandpa's Birthday today!Yay, gonna have a spread of tasty dishes of food again~

This week was like a week of discovering new things, soooooooo contented and just happy somehow!Cannot contain my happiness,lol.

Have a great week ahead!^^


Ying Xin said...

Hey best!
glad that you enjoyed your day at USS, hehes, and i'm sure we did alot of leg exercise, walking here and there. hehes sorry that i laughed at your screams, but i'm really happy to see you loosen up, like you never did before and just scream at the top of your lungs. hehes hope you didnt get sore throat after that. and i had lots of fun that day too.

Hope that you willbe able to return there soon. So you could enjoy a great day with you mum & dad. Wait till the spaghetti ride opens ok?? heees.

And and happy to hear you found nice friend! Hope i get to meet her as well, from brazil leh, i dont have any friends from overseas. hahas, introduce to me some time??

LOVE<3 YX bestie

Peggy said...

Hahahas, nah its alright!I found my screaming in that moment funny too^^

Hehes yeah!We'll go there with the other 2 girlies once it opens!

Yup, she's a really special girl!Sure, if can I would love for you 2 to meet! But, you get the wrong idea, she's from SG but planning to emigrate to Brazil in the future(: Hehes, forever a blur girl!:p

Thanks for popping by and leaving a sweet comment<3