Sunday, January 06, 2013


So first day of school wasn't so bad, just had one lecture and off to start of this 2 months of semester. Every 2nd semester seemed to pass faster than 1st semester...hopefully this would pass fast too and will be able to complete all projects and study for exams in time. This week should start to get busy busy busy.After that should use my vacation break wisely before internship begins.

Been looking at Vsauce/Vsauce2 YouTube channels, just really mind blown by all the weird and quirky facts and things I've never known, it's really interesting to watch and learn though I can't really comprehend most of the things that the host said, heh. Do check it out if you like scientific, otherworldly stuff(:

Caught up with some movies too like the new Taxi!Taxi! with that cute little boy, JiaJia acting one of the main role. Hahas, his expression and antics always makes me smile. There's also the Upside Down movie which is so cool with the gravitational forces thingy and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time anime was pretty touching.

Tomorrow's quite a long day, gonna get some sleep!Goodnight world!

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