Thursday, November 25, 2010


Now that all the rushy things are over,my pace with time seem to move slower.Did some job hunting and callings but to no avail.Really hope could get a job asap.In need to money and there's seem to be no time left or something.Just feel so sickening of everything.UGH.

Bowling with friends on Wednesday,had a great time with them!Love spongebob monopoly! so colourful and fun!heh,thought all monopoly is the same:/

Cleared lots of things in my room,now it looks so much neater than last time.Most of the stuffs are hidden in cupboard now,hehe;)An while cleaning,accidentally touched a lizard's shit,like eww.Dust particles were all around so sneeze every now and then.heh,it was enjoyable though,keep things off my mind for awhile,sigh.

Nearing December soon.Bright side KHJ coming to SG!(: Hope to see him in real person but doubt it,chances are slim to none.But at least could take picture with his standee?hmm.

down side,it will be nearing to results day soon.I know I'm being a wet blanket whatnot,really can't help feeling nervous and scared.My body clock don't work with my mind,having shorter sleeping hours everyday.Spoiling complexion and mood and mind.Everything just swayed to the negative side now.Seriously mind is the most active before you fall asleep,countless thoughts just ran through your mind.No idea what it means now,just hoping for the best and get myself to calm down.Becoming a nervous wreck already):

What's happening?

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