Sunday, December 05, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong!!

(via Liezle)

Sorry,I'm still gaga over him,he has the cutest expressions seriously,hehe.I wanna meet him next year!Gonna save money first and then go see him.Really envied those who went on stage to take photograph with him)':

Anyway,life has been bland,went out with mommy bought few loots and job hunt failed again.Grandma's houses today,kinda bored and then the job waited for the past 6 days called and I've done the most stupid thing:I rejected it.Seriously!No idea what am i thinking,acted too impulsive and nervous.Now,its gone.I'm back to where I'm now. Sent some resumes online,no reply at all.Ugh,can it gets any worse?

Gonna go job hunting again tmr and celebrating best friends b'days(:At least smth to look forward to for now...

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