Friday, December 10, 2010

Well,what do ya know...

Had been sort of busy for the past few days.Sudden call from the Forte Employment to go for job interview,sent resumes online forgotten if they were one of them or not.Who knows?Anyway,kinda shocked and happy cos finally found a job after a loooooong time.Had to make a trip to there,gotten lost,asked many people for directions,kind souls!Thank you for helping!(:

In the end,make it a few minutes later and sorta gotten it,disappointed that its gonna be faraway from my home and working hours are really long.Felt accomplished though,a sense of satisfaction relying myself,hehe.Agent was really friendly too(:

Went for another interview today,kinda weird.Thank God got Helina.Heh,kinda funny also,see how it goes then.Hope it will be good/smooth.

Getting really nervous about tmr,gonna report to the person so can't be late.waking up at wee hours in the morning,please let it be alright,else all my efforts like wasted only.Wish me luck k!Would need lots of good luck!Luckily just short term too,phew.

Ending Here!

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