Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye to 2010,Hi to 2011.

Last day of job and year!
Job: Kinda will miss the aunties/uncle whom i get along with very well,really must thank them for helping me with the stuffs and giving me some treats,maybe will visit them some time,heh(:
Boss still gave a box of chocolates today too,look delicious.Way too long since i ate a chocolate.About months ago.Picture of it tmr.
Will never do this type of job again too,once is enough.

2010:Ah,where to start?It has been a good year,with school events like funfair,all the celebrations,'O' level,prom,outings.All the sweet/sour/bitter/spicy memories.Haha.Lazy to recap everything,shall do it in the future if i'm really bored.

Next week would be fun,fun and more fun.Outing with friends/family,getting my bursary,
visiting polys etc.Oh, and results day,sigh.Really hope could get good grades...
Then after that back to work!

Countdown either at home or sengkang.Wanna watch fireworks lei.At home don't really have the mood.Heh.

Changing URL tmr.Catch the new appearance!(see twitter if you wanna know the new url)
Please let 2011 be better!(:

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