Saturday, June 19, 2010


Another week gone just like that, not really well spent week.Went for English lessons,yet he went MIA on the last 3 days,luckily did not went for it on Thur and Fri(sorta).Wasted people's time and money.Seriously,least he can do is informed the sch first.

Sill have many things to do,the list is never ending,yet to revise for MYE which spells crap and trouble.Oh...really need to start ASAP.Go Peggy!!!

Today went out with mommy to watched The Karate Kid,4.5/5 stars(: Definitely really awesome,touching and funny.Been wondering since this movie had been aired for like 1 week,still had like a lot of people watching.Had to crane our necks to see the screen and my stupid gift card didn't work!Ugh.Sorry Mum!

Am seriously having a liking to Jaden Smith,he's like so adorable to the max with his hair style like this,boy can he cry.Just so freaking cute((: Didn't know the fact that he's Will Smith's son and had already filmed 2 movies before.Definitely outdated in this.Oh, and this movie was a remake of the older version movie in 1900s+.Have to say,this movie actors/actress are much better,heh^^

1 more week left till MYE,really have no idea how to survive.Gonna be busy yet again till th end of year.Gonna try my best to study lots the next few days.Hope will get good grades for MYE.Wish me luck k!God Bless!

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