Saturday, June 05, 2010

Up and Down.

June holidays had started,still it seems like normal school days,everyday going back to school for lessons.Oh well,just hope I will stay focus in class and giving my best at the end.Really not much time left...

Went to Aunt's house for a visit and to bring Gran home.Slack a little here and there,completed just 1 ws out of many to be done.Am taking my own sweet time,which is really not a good thing.

Went to T3 for dinner,kinda bloated yet again.Lil cousin could play the slide there,wished i could too.Photos at the big red chair,mobile camera really cmi,always slow to react): Cab ride home was really a bad one,mistake keep happening over and over again,really hate taking cabs.Why does this keep happening to me?What wrongs had i done?Can't believe till now i'm still as weak as ever.FML.

Really no turning back in life,whatever was done,is done.Time can't rewind,time can't stop.Really wished next life won't be a human again...

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