Saturday, June 12, 2010


Had tests to do even though its holidays,everyday just come in a rush and gone like the wind.Another week just gone like that...

Career Quest on Monday,was kinda fun and interesting.Learn some good stuffs.Polys,Navy,NAFA,Laselle etc people all came to let us know more about the schools.Still have no idea what to choose...sigh.

Homework just keep stacking up non-stop and I'm delaying them as long as i can.Oh God.People are like starting to work even harder,while I'm starting to slack.People had all their fun in sec1-2/3 and starting to study hard now while i work hard in sec1-3,starting to lose motivation now.Why,of all this time?):

The most important and the most boring part of my life and i had to become like this.
Feeling like crap...

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