Saturday, July 03, 2010


Had a really busy and stress week,just 1 more to go(:
Late update on B'day and Cultural Nite ytd.


So it was just like any other day,study date with SKY.Reached YX home,bam!A Surprise from SKY and Helina.Definitely shocked from head to toe,really find it unexpected and really happy(: Never thought they would plan smth like this and believed them for the "lies" they said before.Heh,i know i looked weird,ugly and whatnot.Ah well!

Too bad,didn't take a photo with all of them.Played water bomb,cards aftermath.Really good lunch they made too.Really caught off guard,seriously.Once again,really thankful to them for making this happened,love them to bits!hahas(:

Then,the next day,celebrated with dearest mummy and daddy,with the b'day cake being made by YX,K and me.Kinda melted a bit at the sugar flowers part,still it's yummy and had an awesome day(:

Cultural Nite:

Meet up with YX,K,SY to eat dinner first before taking bus to NYP for Cultural Nite.
Was raining heavily before and drizzling,really annoying.Had a fun time chatting with them,eating with them,sitting in the bus with them.

Reached NYP,found the auditorium,everyone was dressed up really pretty and handsome,took photos and head in for the concert.Overall,show was great,you have to be there to feel what's like,telling seem to have not much feelings and effect.Heh.

Somehow felt a hint of missing Choir,their performance was awesome,spotlight was irritating ttm.Had a good laugh in the concert too.Hahas,memorable experience,just really too bad didn't have a camera to capture everything,good moments and stuff.Looking weird,ugly and whatnot in the rest of the photos too.Laugh all you want k,good for ya health.Hee.

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